Wellness exams are a crucial part of routine veterinary care. They provide your veterinarian with an opportunity to monitor your pet’s on-going health and detect minor problems early before they become serious. Your pet’s wellness appointment is also when things like vaccinations, microchipping, parasite testing, prevention, and control, etc. are commonly addressed.

If your dog or cat is due for a wellness exam in Raleigh, we can help! At Capital Blvd Animal Hospital & Pet Inn, we proudly offer a comprehensive range of wellness services to help dogs and cats throughout the region live long, healthy, and happy lives.

What to Expect During Your Pet’s Wellness Exam

When you bring your pet into the exam room, we’ll start by conducting a snout-to-tail hands-on exam. We will also weigh your pet, check their temperature and other vital signs, etc. We will ask you if you have any concerns regarding your pet’s health or if there have been any changes in their behavior. From there, we will discuss our findings and any recommendations we may have regarding vaccines and other routine services. If we find anything concerning during the exam, we will bring it to your attention and discuss our recommendations on how to proceed.

Pet Wellness Exams in Raleigh

For pet wellness exams in Raleigh, trust Capital Blvd Animal Hospital & Pet Inn. Our team will treat your pet like family and do whatever they can to ensure a long and healthy life for your beloved companion. Please reach out to us today to schedule an appointment.

Loving Care to Pets & Family in Raleigh

Capital Blvd Animal Hospital & Pet Inn provides wellness exams for dogs and cats in Raleigh, Garner, Knightdale, Wake Forest, and the surrounding areas.