Pet Urgent Care in Raleigh

We’ll provide prompt assistance for your furry friend and do everything we can to stabilize them.
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Accidents and sudden illnesses happen

But at Capital Blvd Animal Hospital, we’re here for you and your furry friend. Our team of experienced veterinarians provides urgent care for pets in Raleigh during regular business hours. We understand how important your pet is to you, and we’re dedicated to providing the quality care they need to get them back on their paws.
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Prompt Attention When They Need It Most

Providing Immediate Veterinary Care

Knowing when to seek urgent care for your pet is crucial. While we hope they never experience an emergency, it's essential to recognize the signs that require immediate attention. If you notice any concerning signs in your pet, don't hesitate to contact us or bring them in for evaluation.

When to Seek Urgent Care

Recognizing signs that require immediate veterinary attention

While we hope your pet never needs urgent care, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Here are some signs that require immediate attention:
Vomiting or diarrhea for more than a day
Ingestion of toxins or chemicals
Injuries from accidents or fights
Uncontrolled bleeding
Painful cries or unusual behavior
Blood in urine or stool
Difficulty going potty
Extreme lethargy or weakness
Loss of consciousness
Swollen abdomen
Refusal to eat or drink for over 24 hours
Choking or difficulty breathing
Complications during pregnancy or delivery
Allergic reactions
If you have any reason to think that your pet may be facing a serious health issue, we encourage you to contact us or bring them in — even if they aren’t exhibiting any of the symptoms above. It’s best to trust your intuition and seek veterinary care.

For emergencies outside of our regular business hours, please contact your nearest emergency veterinary hospital.

Call Now for Pet Urgent Care in Raleigh

Prompt assistance for your furry friend

When your pet needs urgent veterinary care in Raleigh, we can help. We’ll do everything we can to stabilize them and get them on the road to recovery. Contact us or bring your pet in right away for the care they need.

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You’re in the Right Place!

Expert veterinary care near you in Raleigh

Capital Blvd Animal Hospital provides pet urgent care for dogs and cats in Raleigh, Garner, Knightdale, Wake Forest, and the surrounding areas during regular business hours.
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Capital Blvd Animal Hospital provides loving, high-quality veterinary care for dogs and cats in Raleigh.

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