Why Pet Wellness in Knightdale is So Important


No matter how old or young your cat or dog is, wellness care is essential to ensuring their overall health. Here at Capital Blvd Animal Hospital, we are experts when it comes to pet wellness in Knightdale, and we would be delighted to care for your fur baby throughout all stages of their life. Please read on to learn all about wellness care and why it’s so vital to your beloved pet's long-term health. 



What Are Routine Wellness Services? 

Services intended to prevent health problems are considered to be routine wellness services. Normally, routine wellness appointments include a complete wellness assessment as well as conversations about recommended services, such as vaccines and parasite prevention, intended to protect your pet. Additional things may be discussed, too, including neutering/spaying, having your cat or dog microchipped, senior pet care, or behavior/nutrition guidance, depending on the patient's age and other considerations.

Why Does It Matter? 

Staying on top of your companion's routine health needs is the best thing you can do to keep them by your side for as many years as possible. Besides preventing illnesses, keeping up with wellness care gives our team an opportunity to detect minor symptoms and then start treatment before they become serious. Scheduling an appointment every 6 to 12 months (depending on your cat or dog's age and whether they have known health problems) can add years to their life.

Maintaining Your Pet's Wellness in Knightdale

As experts in pet wellness in Knightdale, the team at Capital Blvd Animal Hospital is here to provide the care your cat or dog needs during all stages of their life. From first vaccines and neutering/spaying for puppies and kittens to ensuring that their changing needs are met throughout their golden years, our team is here to provide the wellness care your dog or cat requires. For complete pet wellness care in Knightdale and the surrounding communities, contact us today to make your pet's appointment! 

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