What You Should Know About Parasite Prevention in Raleigh


As any pet parent knows, parasites are a big problem. This month is National Heartworm Awareness Month and Prevent Lyme Disease in Dogs Month, so it’s an excellent opportunity to turn our attention to ticks, heartworm, and other internal and external parasites. At Capital Blvd Animal Hospital, we provide expert parasite prevention in Raleigh, and we are here to help your furry friend live a healthy and comfortable life. Keep reading to learn more. 

The Most Common Internal and External Parasites

There are two broad types of parasites: Internal and external. Internal parasites include heartworm and intestinal parasites like tapeworm, roundworm, and heartworm, and they can do serious detriment to your pet’s health. Heartworm infects the heart and lungs and can cause fatigue, coughing, and general unwellness. And intestinal worms cause digestive problems, weight loss, and in some cases, anemia. 

The most common external parasites are fleas and ticks. Ticks are well-known for spreading Lyme Disease, but they also carry Rocky Mountain Spotted fever and other diseases. Despite their small size, fleas are a big problem, too. They cause severe itchiness and lead to skin infections, hair loss, allergic reactions, and even anemia.  

Parasite Prevention in Raleigh

The best way to protect your pet from the complications associated with internal and external parasites is to prevent infestation. At Capital Blvd Animal Hospital, we supply pet owners with high-quality products that keep nasty parasites at bay. The products we use for parasite prevention in Raleigh are much safer than those sold online and in grocery stores. Plus, getting them directly from a vet ensures that the products you receive are authentic. 

We are also here if your pet needs parasite testing or treatment. Whether it’s worms in a new puppy or kitten, a flea infestation, or testing for heartworm, our veterinarians provide all of the services needed to keep pets healthy, happy, and parasite-free. They will help you determine what products are services are best suited to your pet, too. 

To find out more about parasite prevention in Raleigh or to schedule an appointment, please call now

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